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The Face Escape

Your chance to be the cooler king

Forget dog tags, forget identity marketing, SCi are giving gamers the chance to appear in digital form in The Great Escape. Based on the classic war movie of the same name, the game will see you breaking out of Stalag Luft III and making for the border in trains, buses and (of course) motorbikes. And you could be a part of the action, as developers Pivotal Games are looking for ten males aged between 25 and 55 to have their faces mapped onto in-game characters. You could end up as a German officer, an allied POW or .. a train conductor. Ooooh. Regardless of their role in the game though, the ten lucky winners will also receive a free copy of the game when it's released. All you have to do for your shot at gaming immortality is to take a photograph of your face, save it as a jpeg no bigger than 250Kb, and then mail it to faces@sci.co.uk before Friday 13th September. Good luck!