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Run Like Gold

Interplay’s survival horror game for wimps goes gold

It's not really for wimps, but Run Like Hell is certainly something we've always felt was missing from survival horror. After all, if you were faced with a pack of marauding zombies and had only a pitiful swiping knife to your name, you would not stand there backed into a corner attempting to split their heads open, would you? You would run. Like a girl, probably, in search of the nearest exit - mission objectives be damned. Interplay's RLH has now gone gold, and that means that it should be with us shortly - current estimates suggest sometime in October. Unlike its contemporaries (well, actually, every bit like them), you are one man separated from the viciously decimated populace of your environment - in this case, a deep space mining station - and a pack of nasty aliens is hunting you down with a view to exterminating you. Your job is to thwart their plans without losing your head. To get an idea of what running like hell feels like, you should investigate a recent batch of screenshots. Related Feature - Run Like Hell screenshots