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Japan sees Sonic boom

Sega confirms Japanese dates for Sonic on Cube and ‘Boy, and Sega Rally also skids into view

Sega has been polishing its product launch boots and kicking press releases out the door. In Japanese, natch. According to the Japanese publisher's official websites for Cube and GBA, Sonic Mega Collection (Cube), Sonic Advance 2 and Sega Rally Advance are all set to shuffle into sight in time for a December 19th release date. Don't get too excited though - none of the above even has a US release date at the moment, let alone European, and Infogrames were frightened beyond comprehension when we probed them about the triplets earlier on. Fortunately for the fleet of credit, the GBA pairing will function perfectly adequately on a GBA from any region; so wily importers should keep their eyes on the usual channels for pre-order wheelings and dealings. If you're lucky, Sonic Advance 2 may well turn out to have an English language option from the first screen anyway, as with its predecessor, and Sega Rally isn't the trickiest game to understand, whatever your dialect. Sonic Mega Collection on the other hand would be worth waiting for in your native tongue, even if you do have a Japanese Cube. After all, it's a compendium of seven Sonics from across the ages, and a US or PAL version is bound to seem a lot more hospitable. Related Feature - Sonic Mega Games

Source - Sega