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Zelenhgorm: The Great Shipping

Weird Swedish adventure game soon to be available

Zelenhgorm, described in our recent preview as "the weirdest game I have ever played", is nearing release. The good news is that it will be available to purchase online from Monday September 9th. If you were hoping to see the game on shop shelves though, the bad news is that it may be some time before that happens. Developers Moloto broke off their publishing deal with Software Abroad a few weeks ago, and it's not certain now when the game will be released to retail. Anybody who pre-ordered the game through Software Abroad will still get their copy of the game, but Moloto are now talking to other publishers and distributors about getting Zelenhgorm on to store shelves in the US, Europe and Australia. Hopefully we'll have more information on its status in the near future. Related Feature - Zelenhgorm preview

Source - press release