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Phantom Crash goodies

New trailer and music clips from mecha combat game

The Xbox isn't exactly short on mecha games, from Microsoft's own Mech Assault and the frankly ridiculous Japanese effort Tekki (complete with spine-crushing custom controller) to fast-paced action games like Rage's Gunmetal and Phantagram's Phantom Crash. With the focus firmly on fast-paced deathmatch style shooting and eye candy overload rather than hardcore simulation, Phantom Crash is all about big guns, fancy visual effects and gorgeous smoke trails. The basic concept behind the game is simple - a variety of big stompy robots (known as Scoobees) go head-to-head in derelict Tokyo as part of some kind of futuristic spectator sport, and it's up to you to make sure that your robot emerges from the arena victorious. Prize money from these battles can be used to upgrade your Scoobee with better weapons and equipment, and you can even buy more music to listen to on your robot's CD changer, with a wide range of superb tracks from various Japanese bands on offer, including everything from slick drum 'n' bass to dirty industrial music. Phantom Crash is due out in the UK on Xbox this November, with a PC version (including 16 player LAN support) to follow soon afterwards. In the meantime we have a number of goodies to keep you occupied, in the form of a brand new trailer for the game and clips from several songs taken from the game's soundtrack.

Over-the-top mecha action - just what the doctor ordered.

Phantom Crash trailer (5Mb low quality WMV)

Phantom Crash trailer (15Mb high quality WMV)

Awake To (1.8Mb MP3)

Karate IM (0.9Mb MP3)

Masimofo (0.9Mb MP3)

Neurosis (0.8Mb MP3)

Neurosis 2 (1.1Mb MP3)

Take II CA (0.8Mb MP3)

Thanks to blueyonder for hosting the files. And as if all that wasn't enough for you, we also have ten new screenshots showing the game in action. Related Feature - Phantom Crash screenshots