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Heap-big Capcom 3D fighter!

Shoryuken! Hadoken! Tatsumukyah you get the picture

Capcom is working on a 3D beat'em'up according to reports from Japan (and a batch of screenshots we managed to uncover in a similar region). Capcom Fighting All Stars as the game is known, is scheduled for its first public showing during the AM (Amusement Machine) arcade show later this month. Few details are known about the game at this stage, but the screenshots tell their own story to an extent. The character models are extremely chunky, smoothly contoured and detailed, right down to Ryu's red headband and belt flapping in the wind. Environments seem to lack the sparkle and distinctiveness of their 2D counterparts at the moment, but perhaps Capcom doesn't plan to lure us in on another nostalgia trip this time - we'll give them a chance to prove themselves. The fighting roster is rumoured to include everybody from the Street Fighter chaps and chapettes to the ranks of SNK's various fighters, and even other Capcom assets like Mega Man and, ulp, the Resident Evil crew. Hopefully some strings can be pulled somewhere and we'll even get the Marvel complement, but I wouldn't bet on it at the moment. Oi, Fighting Vipers and Plasma Sword, get back in the goddamn corner! Anyway, nine characters have been confirmed at the time of writing: Ryu, Chun Li, Strider Hiryu, Mike Haggar, Akira and Nash (Charlie outside Japan) return, and DD, Ingrid and Rook (Luke) will appear as new characters. We wait with bated breath to learn the game's console fate - another Xbox exclusive perhaps? Or a bankable PS2 release? We should know more soon. Related Feature - Capcom Fighting All Stars screenshots (arcade)

Source - GAME Watch