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Jango sounds off

Skywalker Sound completes work on Star Wars Bounty Hunter, but LucasArts hasn’t

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LucasArts is still beavering away on Star Wars Bounty Hunter, one of the best-looking things to come out of Episode II besides Natalie Portman, but the developer issued a press release yesterday to remind us all that Skywalker Sound is handling the audio aspect of Jango's adventure. And slice my arm off if they haven't finished. In announcing their completion of Bounty Hunter's 'sound design', which consists largely of raw materials from Ben Burtt's Star Wars sound catalogue, the illustrious post-production audio experts had some nice things to say about the games industry. "This project was a lot of fun for us, and we plan on pursuing other ventures in this market," veepee and general manager Glenn Kiser enthused. LucasArts shot back compliments, but failed to say when the game is due out on its chosen platforms of PS2 and GameCube. Fortunately, we know that it has a November release date in the US, and we'd be surprised if Activision - LucasArts' European handler - wait longer than they have to in bringing it to us. Related Feature - Star Wars Bounty Hunter screenshots (Cube)

Source - press release

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