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Halo 2 trailer

Xbox sequel uncovered

Xbox launch title Halo remains the best-selling game on the console to date, shifting well over a million copies worldwide. Almost everyone who has an Xbox has a copy of the game, and the few that didn't already own it have kept it permanently glued to the top of the Xbox top ten here in the UK since March. So to say that the sequel is eagerly anticipated would be a masterpiece of understatement. Our first glimpse of the sequel came in the form of a handful of "screenshots" last month, but now we've got a better idea of what to expect thanks to a two minute trailer showing what appears to be excerpts from the opening cinematic. Picking up where the original game left off, Halo 2 sees your battleship returning to Earth to find the planet under full scale assault by a Covenant battle fleet. Naturally it's up to you to save the world. It's all very rousing stuff, with gorgeous (but presumably pre-rendered) visuals and a lovely orchestral score, ending with a spectacular shot of the Master Chief doing the ultimate HALO jump while vast explosions dot the surface of the planet far below. It might not tell us much about the actual in-game action we can look forward to second time round, but it's still well worth a look. Grab it from one of the following sites -

Like the rest of the screenshots that were released last month, this one is taken from the cinematic seen in the trailer

download from Barrysworld (UK, QuickTime MOV version)

download from File Planet

download from Gaming Horizon

download from Xbox.com

Note that while Xbox.com says that you need the newly released Windows Media Player 9 to watch the high quality WMV version of the trailer, it actually works in Media Player 8 as well - just let the program download the new codecs it needs and it will play back fine. Related Feature - Halo 2 screenshots