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GameBoy Fighter Alpha

Latest Street Fighter coming to GBA in November

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom's Street Fighter franchise is about to strike again, with the (slightly later than anticipated) arrival of Street Fighter Alpha 3 on GameBoy Advance this November. As you would expect, the game features a wide range of characters (over thirty, including three new ones), a variety of gameplay modes (versus, training, "dramatic battle" and others), three fighting styles to master and all manner of special moves, combos, blocks and counter-attacks to indulge in. Having sold humpteen million units across virtually every console format since the year dot, European publisher Ubi Soft will be hoping that this latest installment in the series translates smoothly to the world of handheld gaming. While we wait to find out how the conversion process went, why not have a squint at these fresh new screenshots of the game in action... Related Feature - Street Fighter Alpha 3 screenshots

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