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Frontline Competition

World War II strategy games get closer to release

World War II: Frontline Command is getting ever closer to release, with Codemasters touting the game as "the first World War II RTS created using a true 3D engine". The development team at The Bitmap Brothers is going to have to hurry things up a bit if they're going to achieve that feat though, as the similarly titled Frontline Attack: War Over Europe is also due out in the coming weeks, built around the 3D engine that powered the Earth 2150 franchise. Similarities between the two games pretty much end there though. Where Frontline Attack is going for the shotgun approach by covering every front and providing Soviet, German and Allied campaigns, Frontline Command is focusing firmly on the final year of the war, starting with the invasion of Normandy in June 1944 and taking you through to the final drive into Germany. Thanks to a slight break from reality, Command's main campaign will end with you taking on elite German troops armed with experimental weapons and vehicles as you head for Hitler's mountain stronghold. And while Attack offers a fairly traditional real-time strategy experience, but without any base building or resource management (in the single player campaigns, anyway), Codemasters are promising that Command will take a more personal approach to the war, with the focus on squad tactics and taking care of your men, whose morale will affect their performance in combat. It will be interesting to see how The Bitmap Brothers handle this, as we could see it being quite annoying to have your men suddenly freeze or stop taking orders in the middle of combat because their morale was too low. Either way, with both games due out this autumn we should know soon which of the two will win the race to the shelves and which is the more entertaining package. In the meantime, we have several new screenshots of Frontline Command in action to tide you over until one or both of these games is actually released. Related Feature - Frontline Command screenshots

Frontline Command arrives with a bang

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