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Console become Jedi Master

PS2, Cube and Xbox versions of Jedi Knight II heave with things to do

Console owners after LucasArts' port of Jedi Knight II will be pleased to learn that the PS2, Cube and Xbox versions will creak under the weight of a veritable Millennium Falcon-sized stash of multiplayer features. In a recent edition of "Ask LucasArts" on the publisher's website, a slew of options for multiplayer modes was confirmed. Amongst them, a two player Jedi Arena with the option of fighting 14 AI-controlled bots, and the familiar CTF, Free For All, Team FFA, Duel and Jedi Master modes. Weapons-only options will be included for those too clumsy to wield a lightsaber. And to satisfy those with a thirst for single player adventuring, LucasArts has found a way to incorporate the much-needed 'save anywhere' option, which will make the somewhat difficult pre-saber stages all the more bearable, one would imagine. Not content with that though, there will be a separate single player campaign called "Mission at Alzoc III", although we don't really know much about it at this stage. Related Feature - Jedi Knight II review (PC)

Source - Ask LucasArts