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Dino Dini gets his foot back on the ball

An illustrious career picks up from where it left off

This afternoon at ECTS we were very privileged to share a few words with the great Dino Dini, the man behind such games as Kick Off and Player Manager, a man whose name has become almost synonymous with addictive gameplay over the years. After what you might call a quiet spell of almost 10 years, Dino chose ECTS to speak to journalists about his latest project with Italian developer Tresicion. Fans of Kick Off rejoice: it's another football title! Dino was keen to stress that the game will find its roots in addictive gameplay, and he hopes to fill a gap in the football genre. Although the game is only in the early prototype stages, Dino has a number of ideas and a solid vision of what to do with the title, and we will be watching this one very closely. Expect to see the full dialogue of our interview with Dino very soon.