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Mace Griffin goes Black Label

Vivendi to publish console versions

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Vivendi's recently established Black Label Games brand will publish Mace Girffin: Bounty Hunter on PS2, Cube and Xbox in March 2003, the Frenchmen announced this morning in London. The PC version will be published by Electronic Arts. Mace certainly looked bleak and sounded gruff based on the trailer footage witnessed this morning, and Vivendi is promising a smooth transition between gameplay sections set in first person action levels and in deep space combat. Mace himself is a disavowed ranger, thrown in the clink for 10 years after he led an unsuccessful coup against the powers-that-shouldn't-be. Now he's all pissed off, and apparently he's going to wreak havoc and kill every last one of them. Related Feature - Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter screenshots (PC)

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