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RoboForge gets European release date

Despite having been around for almost as long as us

Despite having been originally announced in July of 2000 and released in the US during 2001, Singularity Software informs us that RoboForge is finally set for a European release date this November. RoboForge is a similar idea to popular TV series Robot Wars, although gamers have been spared enthusiastic presentation from the likes of Craig Charles and Jonathan Pearce. Instead, the idea is to design and train your robot and then enter them into free-to-enter or professional online tournaments, competing for prize money. Singularity Software MD Noel Hargrave believes that "prize money and a wealth of online competitors means [RoboForge] is set to usher in the age of the true professional online gamer." You can add low system requirements to the list of good things about it, too - those wishing to take part will need only a 233MHz CPU, 64MB RAM and an 8MB 3D card. Related Feature - RoboForge preview

Source - press release