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NVIDIA Tournament 2002

Games galore on NVIDIA's ECTS stand

NVIDIA might not have any big new graphics cards to announce at this year's ECTS, but they're making up for it by showcasing a range of top PC titles running on their latest hardware. Heading up the list is Unreal Tournament 2003, with NVIDIA's stand hosting the world's first ever tournament dedicated to the game during the course of the show. "NVIDIA are the leaders in the graphics business and UT2003 sets will set a new plateau for graphical detail in PC games - it's only natural that we work very closely with them", a justifiably smug Mark Rein told the press. Other highlights include the PC version of Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness, which is sure to cause a stir, and the latest "big thing" to hit internet gaming - Battlefield 1942. Rounding out the line-up will be the forthcoming Lithtech powered movie tie-in Tron 2.0, CDV's first person shooter Breed, and the latest installment in the never-ending Delta Force saga - Black Hawk Down. Related Feature - Unreal Tournament 2003 screenshots

Source - press release