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Russians invade ECTS

1C Company line up eastern delights for trade show

1C Company has been distributing games in its native Russia for a few years now, including the likes of Max Payne, Pool Of Radiance and Europa Universalis, as well as local projects such as Etherlords and Evil Islands. This year saw Ubi Soft return the favour by bringing their World War II flight combat sim IL-2 Sturmovik (developed by 1C's Maddox Games studio) to the west, and 1C are hoping to follow through on that international success by making a splash at ECTS 2002, with an impressive line-up of Russian developed games on display. Amongst the titles we can look forward to are Perimeter (a real-time strategy game in which you seize and terraform land on alien worlds), Borderzone (an attractive looking fantasy action role-playing effort with multiple endings), MechMinds (another action role-player, this time involving big stompy robots) and Sphere (the inevitable massively multiplayer game). Look for more information on all these and more at the weekend as part of our official online coverage of Europe's biggest videogames trade show.

Borderzone - just one of the many Russian games we'll be seeing at ECTS this year, courtesy of 1C