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Defender of the Stooges

First two remastered Cinemaware games get re-release

Old school Amiga fans and retro enthusiasts can look forward to the impending re-release of Defender Of The Crown and The Three Stooges. Revamped for the new millennium by Cinemaware, the games feature updated sounds and graphics but are otherwise faithful adaptations of their original 1980s incarnations. Defender Of The Crown takes you back to medieval England where, contrary to the title, your aim is to steal the crown for yourself rather than to defend its present occupant, while The Three Stooges brings the popular comedy act back to life with a mixture of pie throwing, prize fighting and "medical madness". Both games are expected on store shelves in the UK on Friday 20th September and will set you back a princely £12.99 each. Plans are also afoot for "digitally remastered" versions of Lords Of The Rising Sun, Wings, Rocket Ranger and It Came From The Desert.

Source - press release