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Davilex gets KITT KARR

Knight Rider coming to PC and PS2

Davilex are bringing David Hasselhoff's finest hour to the PC and PlayStation 2, with the arrival of Knight Rider - The Game on November 8th. Although Michael Knight will be appearing in the game, you'll be assuming the role of the true star of the show, the sentient car KITT. As such you'll be able to scan buildings, chase down enemies, pull off insane jumps and speed around on two wheels, taking on the criminal mastermind Garth and KITT's evil twin KARR amongst other characters lifted from the TV series. To help you make it through the game's ten missions you'll have the benefits of KITT's tough high tech bodywork, a "super pursuit" mode, micro jammers and the famous turbo boost amongst other gizmos. We hope to be taking a pre-release build of the game for a spin in the not too distant future, but in the meantime you'll have to make do with some slightly fuzzy screenshots. Related Feature - Knight Rider screenshots (PS2)

Mmm .. nostalgia.

Source - press release

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