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Wreckless Cube porting

It’s on Xbox and PS2, so why not?

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Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions wasn't very good. I'm sorry, but it wasn't. It's not our fault that it wasn't, and we're not going to pretend otherwise for the sake of hyping up the Cube version. After failing to set the Xbox world alight, Wreckless was announced for PS2, and despite some outrageous claims, it hasn't so far managed to demonstrate the same level of graphical mayhem and the same patchwork of visual effects working coherently, but we'll wait and see. On the Cube, however, it stands a better chance of living up to the Xbox release, and according to Nintendo's website, it will feature two-player support. So, for those of you who liked it, and continue to tell me how great it was, soon you will have the chance to buy it for the second time.

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