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The Square Rumour Mill!

A compendium of this morning’s Final Fantasy gossip

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Knowing Square, this will turn into a regular feature, but never mind. Remember how the Final Fantasy games are all turn-based with huge flipping great chunks of story (and CG, these days) breaking up proceedings every five minutes? Not so when it comes to the GameCube's Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle, Square is purported to have said. Apparently we can look forward to a real-time alternative, more akin to The Legend of Zelda and, gasp, Secret of Mana. Elsewhere, Famitsu has allegedly revealed that the GBA port of Final Fantasy Tactics could actually be an entirely new adventure game in the same guise as the original, or will at least include a heck of a lot of new scenarios. With only Tactics Ogre competing for the same market on GBA (and by the same fellow, to boot), a new Tactics game would satisfy a hell of a lot of RPG fanatics bored of Breath of Fire and galled by Golden Sun. Tune in next… well, just keep tuning in. Square have developed a penchant for drip feeding the gamer. Related Feature - Square working on four GBA titles

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