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Get ready to Freeload

Datel is shipping its GameCube import tool to retailers this week

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Several importers and game retailers have informed us this week that the infamous Freeloader disc from Datel, and the Action Replay (a cheating device which includes the Freeloader functionality), are being shipped out in anticipation of a dead cert Friday, August 23rd release date. Freeloader shot to fame when Datel announced that it had found a way to play imported Japanese and American games on PAL GameCubes, but numerous setbacks, including problems with American DMCA legislation, have seen it labelled as vapourware by many. After the total non-event that was the Xbox version of the DVD Region-X disc - for region-free DVD playback - it seemed reasonable to assume an overzealous release date on Datel's part. But, if all goes to plan, those of you with pre-orders and suchlike can expect to receive it late this week or early next, and with that, expect to see a resurgence in sales of the Japanese version of Mario Sunshine. We hope to have our own Freeloader in short order so that we can confirm Datel's claims as to its functionality, so the cautious amongst you ought not to chuck out your Japanese and US Cubes just yet.

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