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Hunter stalks GameCube

Interplay ports popular Xbox slasher to GameCube

Despite the fact that virtually none of you bought it (heretics), Hunter: The Reckoning is making its way from Xbox to GameCube this Winter in the US courtesy of original developer High Voltage Software and publisher Interplay. All being well, we should see it in Europe during early 2003. Hunter takes on where our precious Smash TV and Gauntlet left off, adding a coat of next generation paint to an ageing formula. We swooned over its dual analogue stick control mechanism, and cooed after its detailed visuals, all the while gasping for more of its energetic gameplay. It was, as we put it at the time, one of the best things to happen to Xbox, and if High Voltage can successfully recreate the formula on GameCube as they claim - four player modes and all - then it should be a big success. Related Feature - Hunter: The Reckoning review (Xbox)

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