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Xbox Soccer Slam punted into view

Comparable to the Cube version? Actually, it’ll be even better

Although we haven't yet received the GameCube version of Sega Soccer Slam in Europe, despite a wonderful reception in the US and Japan, Visual Concepts continues its systematic conversion of this bastardisation of the beautiful game apace. The latest news from the US is that the Xbox version has been greatly enhanced. New game modes will include "Hot Potato", based on the playground game of the same name. Hot Potato replaces the ball with a bomb and challenges you to hold onto it for as long as possible before it explodes, rewarding you with points for doing so - no doubt to become a good post-pub versus matchup for those with alcohol-fuelled fingers too juddery for the likes of Soul Calibur. Another addition is "Brawl", which is an even more likely contender for the role. Quite simply, you waltz around a ring and beat the hell (and health) out of your opponent. The combat aspect of the game has been altered in other ways too, with chargeable shoulder barges amongst the tweaks. The final, and perhaps most interesting addition to the formula is a new challenge mode, which will allow you to build your own custom team from a combination of players. Those with knowledge of the game's make-up will recall that each team is themed, with three 'characters' - challenge will allow you to mix and match. Subsequently winning four consecutive matches will unlock one of the three secret teams added to the Xbox and PS2 versions of the game. All eyes now rest on Sega's European Cube and Xbox publisher Infogrames, who have yet to announce firm details of their release plans for the game. Related Feature - Sega Soccer Slam hands-on preview (GameCube)

Coming soon to an Xbox near you

Source - GameSpot