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Celtic Kings demo released

Try out the new role-playing strategy game

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Canadian publisher Strategy First have announced the release of a demo version of Celtic Kings: Rage Of War, a role-playing strategy game set in Gaul a couple of thousand years ago. Developed in Bulgaria by Haemimont (the company behind the tacky Tzar: Burden Of The Crown, though we'll try not to hold that against them), Celtic Kings features both a traditional real-time strategy mode and a more role-playing oriented adventure mode in which you guide a party of heroes around the world, building strongholds and raising armies as you go. To see if the game lives up to its potential, and to find out whether Haemimont have given their copy of Kai Power Goo a rest this time, grab the 90Mb demo from any of the following sites -

download from BonusWeb (CZ)

download from FilePlanet (USA)

download from Gigex (USA)

- Celtic Kings screenshots

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