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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Monkey Ball goes mobile

Sega "rolls out" first mobile phone game

Sega Mobile is celebrating the release of its first wireless game today, as Monkey Ball hits mobile phones across America. The game is designed to run on the latest colour handsets, and is available for $3.99 a month from Sprint via their "PCS Vision" 3G network. Some of the company's phones will also come with a free five level demo of the game in future. As you would imagine, the tilting 3D camera of the GameCube version has been ditched in favour of a top down view, but the basic gameplay remains the same as you guide your monkey, imprisoned in a transparent ball, around fifteen mazes picking up bananas. Mmm... Related Feature - Super Monkey Ball preview (Cube)

Source - press release