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Jet Li hits PlayStation 2

Chinese martial arts star to appear in action-adventure game

Sony's American arm has announced that its Foster City studio is working on a new action-adventure game for the PS2 inspired by Hong Kong cinema and starring martial arts master Jet Li. The Chinese kung fu champion turned actor who has starred in cult movies such as Shaolin Temple, Black Mask and My Father Is A Hero as well as Hollywood efforts such as Lethal Weapon 4 and Romeo Must Die will be making his gaming debut in Rise To Honor. The game will also harness the talents of fight choreographer Corey Yuen, a long time Jet Li collaborator. "When we began the concept stages for Rise to Honor more than three years ago, we knew we wanted it to be based on the style of a Hong Kong action movie", associate director Jim Wallace explained. "We had Jet Li posters all over the studio and were referencing his movies for everything we had planned in the game. We were thrilled when we found out that Jet was interested in collaborating on a PlayStation 2 project, knowing that his creative input on Rise To Honor would help us to truly realize our vision for this ambitious game." Rise To Honor will star a motion-captured Jet Li as Kit Yun, the bodyguard of a Hong Kong gang leader. When his boss is assassinated, Yun has to track down the man's daughter in America and return her safely to Hong Kong. Naturally it's not quite as simple as turning up at LAX and bundling the girl on to a plane, and along the way Yun will have to face conflicting loyalties and all manner of intrigue and in-fighting. Rise To Honor should be available towards the end of 2003. We can't wait.

Source - press release