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Oliver Stone movie gets another videogame adaptation

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Oliver Stone's seminal Vietnam war movie Platoon is about to get yet another videogame adaptation, this time courtesy of Imperium Galactica developers Digital Reality. Due to be published in Europe this November by Monte Cristo, the game takes you back into the jungle with the 1st Airborne Cavalry Division, following the war's progress (or lack thereof) from 1965 to 1968. As a raw recruit you'll be called upon to carry out a range of missions, gradually rising through the ranks to lead an entire platoon including riflemen, snipers, scouts, engineers and commandos. Each of these characters will have his own unique personality, which will effect how they react to different orders and situations. Players will also get to command APCs, mortar units and Patton tanks as they take on Victor Charlie. Related Feature - Platoon screenshots

Source - press release

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