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Men In Black O2

The MIBs invade your mobile handset

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Image credit: Eurogamer

With Men In Black 2 hitting the big screens here in the UK recently, Digital Bridges have announced the release of two new IIT SMS games based on the movie, with a Java-based game expected later in the summer. All will be available through the mobile phone operator O2. Kicking things off is Field Agent Training, a multiple-choice trivia game in which would-be MIBs earn their suits and shades by answering questions about the movies and all things paranormal. Meanwhile the adventure game Back In Black gives players the chance to revisit some of the key events, characters and locations of the movie as they hunt down rogue extraterrestrials and illegal aliens. If nothing else, both games will no doubt be more entertaining than Infogrames' awful PS2 tie-in, as well as a darn sight cheaper. Related Feature - Men In Black 2 quick-take (PS2)

Source - press release

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