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Sleeping Dragon awakens

Broken Sword 3 to debut at ECTS

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Revolution have announced that they will be debuting Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon at an exclusive press conference during this year's ECTS in London. Everything has been eerily quiet since the game was first announced last spring, but we should know more soon, thanks to a demonstration of the latest build from Revolution MD Charles Cecil, who admitted that "it's been a while coming". What we know already is that both American tourist George Stobbard and French journalist Nico Collard will be returning for the third entry in the million selling adventure game series, and that the whole thing will be presented in glorious 3D courtesy of the ever-popular Renderware. The game will appear on both PC and next generation consoles towards the end of 2003, somewhat later than originally anticipated. As the official online media partner for ECTS, we'll naturally be bringing you a full report as soon as the press conference ends. Related Feature - Sword Broken .. again

Source - press release

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