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Activision catches Worms sequel

Due out some time next year on "next generation platforms"

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Activision revealed today that it has gobbled up global publishing rights to Worms 3, the latest in the multi-million selling cartoon action series. Although more recent infestations in the series have proven disappointing, developers Team 17 are promising an all-new fully 3D graphics engine and an overhaul of the classic Worms gameplay this time round, the aim being to "provide the definitive gaming experience within the Worms universe". As always, the terrain will be as much a casualty of the battle as your enemies, and plenty of over-the-top and just plain bizarre weapons and power-ups will be on offer to aid you in this mass destruction. Other details are vague at this early stage, but we do know that the game will appear on PC and "next-generation consoles", that multiplayer support will be included, and that it should surface some time in 2003. There's also talk of "an additional yet-to-be-announced Worms title" to follow. Surely cause enough for invertebrate warriors to rejoice.

Source - press release

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