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Xbox goes Live in November

In America, anyway

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Microsoft have confirmed November 15th as the launch date for their Xbox Live service, marking the first anniversary of the console's successful US launch. As previously announced, to get your Xbox online you'll have to buy a $49.95 starter kit, which includes a headset and twelve months' access to the service. It's unknown how many kits will be available at launch, with Microsoft spokesman David Hufford telling Reuters that it depends on how many retailers want. Microsoft obviously have high expectations for the service though, and at least six online-ready games will be available for the console when Xbox Live launches, including the much anticipated Unreal Championship, with another ten games expected by the end of the year and a veritable flood of releases following in 2003. European pricing and launch plans for the Xbox Live service have yet to be confirmed, but we'll be hoping to hear some details at Microsoft's European X02 press event in September. Related Feature - Xbox goes Live

Source - Reuters

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