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Future Kings Of The Ring?

Eidos goes Wrestling in the Backyard

Eidos is the latest publisher to hop on the wrestling bandwagon, picking up the license to .. Backyard Wrestling. No, we'd never heard of it before, but a quick visit to their website reveals it to be a nasty, brutal affair, replacing the usual ponces in lycra bouncing each other around a padded boxing ring with blokes in jeans and .. er .. dresses beating each other to a bloody pulp in somebody's garden. Apparently it's spawned a series of best-selling videos with titles like "Future Kings Of The Ring", "Backyard Babes Uncensored" and "Random Acts Of Violence", not to mention a moral outcry from the likes of Oprah Winfrey (see, it can't all be bad), and now Eidos are hoping to tap into that fanbase. "We are pleased to be working with Eidos Interactive, as they understand that Backyard Wrestling isn't just another wrestling or fighting game, but a pop-culture phenomenon unlike anything the world has ever seen", Backyard CEO Houston Curtis modestly stated. "We believe this partnership will result in a mind-blowing, ground-breaking gaming experience that will deliver the incredible in-your-face action our fans have come to expect, combined with a unique sense of depth into our wildly outrageous world of Backyard Wrestling mayhem." Bizarre...

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