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Sony releases dates

Tekken 4, Ninja Assault, WRC II Ratchet & Clank, Kingdom Hearts, The Getaway - you probably care about some of them

Sony has revealed a number of important release dates for the rest of the year in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine in the UK. Headlining the cast is Tekken 4, available from September 20th, quickly followed to market by Ferrari F355 Challenge and This is Football 2003 on the 27th. October is slightly lighter, with only Ninja Assault (4th) and Formula One 2002 (16th) due out, but November will be a month to remember, kicking off with WRC II Extreme on the 1st, Ratchet & Clank on the 8th, Treasure Planet on the 15th, Kingdom Hearts on the 22nd, and - we should be so lucky - The Getaway on the 29th. Sony also reckons Alpine Racer 3 will be out in December, and Primal in January. Related Feature - UK Release Dates List

Source - Official PlayStation 2 Magazine UK