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Doom II co-operates with GBA

Id Software confirms that Doom II on the GBA will be a feature-complete port

You've played Doom II, right? It was quite an important game. Back in the day, it made as much of an impression as the original did, introducing us to the wonders of the double barrel shotgun amongst other things, and having recently announced a GameBoy Advance port of the game, Id Software has now shed some light on what we can expect to see. In short, the port is feature-complete. Total. Comprehensive. All-embracing. That means that alongside the 30-level single player adventure, during which the player is beset on all sides by the legions of the damned (jolly good), we can also expect to see the traditional deathmatch and the incredibly enjoyable co-operative modes included. Id Software has a history of redefining technologies - perhaps Doom II will redefine the importance of a link cable? Related Feature - Doom II screenshots (GBA)

Source - press release

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