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Grandia enlists leading Jedi

Along with Clark Kent. For voice acting, you understand...

American publisher Enix has signed a number of 'Hollywood' voice actors (three, if you're interested) to help add spice to the story behind Grandia Xtreme. Mark "Star Wars" Hammill is geared up to play the game's reckless baddy, Colonel Kroitz, while Dean "Clark Kent" Cain will work opposite Lisa "I don't know who this person is" Loeb as the game's respective leads, Evann and Lutina. Grandia Xtreme is due to ship to US stores this September on PlayStation 2 (exclusively, I might add), but we don't know whether the game will ever filter through over here. Ubi Soft would seem the most likely candidates to publish it, given that they published the PAL conversion of Grandia II on PS2 earlier this year, but should they choose not to, I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. Grandia Xtreme is something of a side story; a hack-and-slash-oriented addition to the series bashed out quite quickly, and although neither of the other two Grandias had much to do with one another, it could be argued that Grandia Xtreme isn't even part of the series. It certainly isn't Grandia III - that's still to come, and we await its arrival with bated breath.

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