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Microsoft gets BioWare game

Two new games not to be Forgotten

With Neverwinter Nights finally out and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic well on its way, BioWare have dropped the first hints of what we can expect from them next. In contrast to their recent releases, the developer's latest projects will both be based on original concepts, rather than building on the foundations of Dungeons & Dragons' Forgotten Realms or the Star Wars universe. The first game will be an Xbox title to be published by Microsoft, with BioWare's co-founder Dr Ray Muzyka commenting that "they clearly share BioWare's vision and commitment to quality". The result will be "an all-new epic Xbox roleplaying game". The second title (also a role-playing game) will be released on the PC, but as they haven't even started looking for a publisher for it yet it's no doubt some way off still. All we know at this early stage is that BioWare are looking forward to creating their own unique universe for the game, and that it will be "an immersive BioWare RPG experience in the tradition of games like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights". Which is reason enough to get excited. Related Feature - Neverwinter Nights review

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