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Animal Leader arks towards West

Worst pun of the year, followed by some potentially great news for Cube owners

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Animal Leader, or Dobutsu Bancho as followers of Japanese releases will know it, is to appear in the US under the name Cubivore thanks to publisher Atlus this November. The only question remaining is, will we see it in Europe? Unfortunately we weren't able to get an answer by the time of going to press, but one would imagine that this latest news improves the game's chances. Those of you unfamiliar with Animal Leader, Cubivore, whatever, might be interested to hear what it's actually about. First of all, the graphics are all deliberately chunky squares and other shapes, and represent a number of animals, of which the player controls one. Your task is to guide this odd-looking mite through its first steps and the early stages of life, controlling its interaction with nature and potentially hostile creatures; all the while the little fella is quietly evolving. The game has drummed up a lot of support amongst the legions of Nintendo fans constantly seeking Japanesey products, and the news that the game will be released in the US is very promising indeed.

Source - IGN

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