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Wetrix creators’ Pillage

Zed Two announces a new turn-based strategy title for Cube, PS2 and PC

Wetrix was an excellent puzzle game, but that didn't stop you lot from ignoring it. Still, developer Zed Two wasn't too perturbed by this setback, and has quietly been slaving away on a turn-based strategy title about, er, a slave uprising. After years of putting up with the rule of a band of decidedly unpleasant immortal creatures, lead character Low and his sister Pepper have gathered a band of rebels together in the hope of toppling their regime. Pillage, as the game is to be known, is under development on the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and PC, with all three versions due out during 2003. Viewed from a third person perspective, players will have to marshal their available time, energy and of course weaponry to defeat the enemy turn by turn. Line of sight AI coupled with fully destructible environments should make for some interesting rock-crumbling strategies, and in the interests of making the experience slightly more engaging, Zed Two have employed the services of TV scriptwriter and Digitiser columnist Paul Rose. Expect to hear more about Pillage as the months roll by, and in the meantime, have a gander at some of Zed Two's early screenshots. Related Feature - Pillage screenshots

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