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Icewind Gold

Dungeon crawlers rejoice

Hot on the heels of Neverwinter Nights, dungeon crawl fans can now look forward to the arrival of Icewind Dale II, which was confirmed as having "gone gold" last night. Developed by Interplay's Black Isle studio and based on a modified version of the engine which powered the Baldur's Gate series, Planescape Torment and the original Icewind Dale, it carries on the tale of the icy northlands of the Forgotten Realms, which are now threatened by a horde of orcs, goblins and bugbears. Naturally it's up to you and your band of roving heroes to put things right. Like Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale II has been built around the latest 3rd Edition D&D rule set, with the addition of feats and skills, new character classes such as barbarian and sorceror, and new playable races including the drow and aasimar. There's also a wider selection of spells, weapons, armour and equipment available to players compared to the first Icewind Dale. All of which you will get to sample for yourself when the game is released in the US and Europe during September. Related Feature - Icewind Dale II screenshots

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