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Zelenhgorm's Great Ship sets sail

Oddball adventure game coming at end of August

CenturionSoft will be publishing a bizarre Scandinavian adventure game called Zelenhgorm at the end of August. Mixing Cryo-style 360 degree rotatable pre-rendered locations and over 140 real actors who have been digitized into the game, it's certainly lovely to look at. As for the gameplay, we've been playing with a beta version for the last couple of days and at this stage the best description we can give you is .. odd. It seems that you play Arrikk Vaheirr, a young man who was viewed with some suspicion by his neighbours, even before a mysterious ship appeared moored outside the back of his house. So far we've been labelled a southpaw magician, accused of bringing ruin to the village, and been locked in the stocks overnight on account of our bushy eyebrows. And we've only just got started. Well, we told you it was odd. Fans of good old fashioned point and click adventure games can look forward to the arrival of the first episode of Zelenhgorm (titled, appropriately enough, The Great Ship) at the end of the month. We'll be bringing you a full preview just as soon as we've worked out what the heck is going on, but in the meantime these exclusive screenshots snapped from the beta should give you some idea of the weirdness awaiting you. Related Feature - Zelenhgorm screenshots

There's something fishy going on here.\ [You're fired .. again - Ed]