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Tribes: Budget Attack

Planned Tribes 2 spin-off cancelled, budget pack on the way

Word has emerged from the Tribes Council event in America that Tribes: Fast Attack has been cancelled, just four months after it was first announced. Originally the plan had been to release Fast Attack as a stand-alone game for the PC, featuring a proper single player campaign, new multiplayer maps, redesigned vehicles and tweaked gameplay to make it work better with small teams. The new game was being developed by the same team responsible for the PlayStation 2 entry in the series, Tribes: Aerial Assault, and would have shared its single player campaign with the console release. Unfortunately it seems that things didn't quite go to plan, with American site HomeLan Fed reporting Sierra's Tribes project manager as saying that the single player campaign was too similar to the single player mode found in the original Tribes 2, and not at all what they were after. Whoops. Fans of the Tribes series will no doubt be suffering deja vu at this point, as a planned single player spin-off based on the original Tribes (to be titled Tribes Extreme) was canned under eerily similar circumstances at the end of 1999. Again, problems with the single player campaign were blamed for the decision. With Fast Attack dropping off the radar, Sierra will now re-release Tribes 2 at bargain bin price with several new maps, revamped versions of ten popular Tribes 1 maps, a pair of new mods ganked from Fast Attack, and a patch developed by Tribes veterans Garage Games. Those of you who already own Tribes 2 will be able to download the additional content for free. Related Feature - Tribes Extreme or not...

Source - HomeLan Fed