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Black Hawk Demo

Multiplayer test version now available

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Multiplayer support has always been an important part of the Delta Force series, and the latest entry in the franchise (Black Hawk Down) is apparently no exception. Accordingly Novalogic have released a multiplayer test version of the game, which will give players a chance to try out one of the deathmatch missions from the game, and Novalogic a chance to make sure that everything works properly out of the box when the full game is released later this year. Both internet and LAN play are supported in the demo, with up to 16 players in a single server, or 32 for games hosted by Novalogic themselves. There are two pieces of bad news though. Firstly, the demo version will expire on Friday 16th August, just two weeks from now, although a proper demo version should be available some time after that. Secondly, the game engine hasn't been fully optimized yet, so Novalogic are recommending that you have a 1.2GHz CPU, 256Mb of RAM and a GeForce 3 or equivalent graphics card to get the most out of the multiplayer test. Ouch. If you have the hardware to handle it and fancy taking an early build of the game for a spin though, you can now download the 47Mb Black Hawk Down demo right here on EuroGamer, courtesy of our friends at the blueyonder multiplayer gaming service. More details can be found on the official beta website. Related Feature - Novalogic announces Black Hawk Down

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