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Skating, snowboarding, and Star Trekking

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The summer lull is in full effect this week, with only the GameBoy Advance and PlayStation 2 getting any new releases whatsoever, and most of the fresh arrivals on store shelves consisting of budget re-releases for the latter. The highlight of the week is undoubtedly Acclaim's Aggressive Inline, touted as the world's first inline skating game for the latest generation of consoles. While generally the arrival of any extreme sports game without the magic words "Tony Hawk" in the title is met with derision and scepticism, Aggressive Inline is actually very good. We'll have a full review for you next week, but early opinions are certainly positive. Otherwise we're in tumbleweed territory when it comes to new games. The PlayStation 2 gets a port of the entertaining (if rather short) Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, and the beautiful game turned plastic in the form of LEGO Football Mania. There's also Slam Tennis, but we really wouldn't recommend buying it (wait for our quick take review later today to find out why). On the GameBoy Advance there's the quirky first person boxing game Punch Kings from Acclaim, a handheld version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, and a couple of Medabots games from Ubi Soft, based on the TV series of the same name. Which may mean more to you than it does to us. Meanwhile the one real gem amongst the budget releases today is the PlayStation 2 Platinum version of the original SSX, now yours for under £20. New Releases - Cube No new releases GBA Medabots Type A - Metabee Medabots Type A - Rokusho Punch Kings Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf PC No new releases PSX No new releases PS2 Aggressive Inline Lego Football Mania Slam Tennis Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Budget - Army Men Sarges Heroes Budget - FIFA 2001 Budget - International Cue Club Budget - SSX Budget - Warriors of Might and Magic Xbox No new releases Related Feature - UK Release Date List

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