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Romero turns GBA Delivery Boy

Send him into Hyperspace

When John Romero (he of Daikatana fame, kids) decided to focus on diminutive PDA releases and formed Monkeystone Games, there seemed some hope that he would return to his roots and produce software grounded entirely in the golden embrace of pure gameplay. Whether or not you played the company's first release, Hyperspace Delivery Boy, the team behind it is unquestionably talented, and the news that the adventures of delivery boy Guy Carrington will be appearing on GameBoy Advance in the near future should be reason enough to celebrate. So far the game has been announced in the US, to be published by Majesco, but we don't have any European release information just now. Which is either a blessing or a curse, depending on your view of the man Romero and his art. Related Feature - Daikatana review (PC)

Source - IGN