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Nintendo plans GBA revision?

GameBoy Advance mark two may be on the way

Nintendo may be planning to release the first overhaul of its GBA hardware before Christmas, if reports from Japan are to be believed. The new version of the handheld console would incorporate an improved display and a contrast control, described as a "super contrast function". The reports are believed to have originated with an entry for the new and improved console in the release schedule of Japanese retailer Cosmobit, citing a release date towards the end of the year. Although Nintendo has not commented officially on the report, it would not be an unusual move for the company, which redesigned the original Game Boy handheld several times over its lifespan. An improved display would answer the single largest criticism of the Game Boy Advance hardware - the ongoing complaint that the screen is too hard to see under most lighting. Several fan groups have created modification kits for the GBA which enable users to install backlighting systems in their consoles, although these are not modifications for the faint of heart, as they involve delicate work inside the console's shell. According to the reports of the new model, the altered screen and added contrast control would be the only changes, with the technical specification and design of the console remaining the same as previously. The company has previously mentioned that it is opposed to putting a backlight in the console, as it would run down battery life significantly; this may well be seen as an acceptable alternative strategy for the system.

Source - GameFront