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IGI sequel goes ballistic(s)

Gun nuts rejoice

Oslo-based developers Innerloop are promising that their stealth shooter sequel IGI 2: Covert Strike will feature some of the most realistic weapons seen to date in a videogame. Over 30 real guns will be included in the game, with a variety of clever tricks and a "comprehensive physics engine" ensuring that they all act in a believable manner. Muzzle velocity, calibre and other factors effect the bullets' penetration through everything from flesh and wood to steel and walls, while guns' firing rates will match the behaviour of their real life counterparts, including the frightening G36 assault rifle, which apparently blazes its way through 750 rounds a minute. Clip capacities, reload times and so forth are also mirrored in the game, and Innerloop claim to have "unsurpassed" special effects for realistic muzzle flash, gun smoke and ejected bullet casings. We should get to see whether the end results live up to the enthusiasm some time in September... Related Feature - IGI 2 screenshots

Source - press release