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Welcome to Northbridge

EuroGamer launches its own Neverwinter Nights persistent world

As we said in our review of the game yesterday, the features which really make Neverwinter Nights stand out from the role-playing crowd are its easy-to-use editor and large-scale multiplayer support, allowing people to create entire new worlds for fellow gamers to explore. That's exactly what EuroGamer has been doing for the last couple of weeks, and today we are happy to announce the opening of our very own persistent world Neverwinter Nights server, running an exclusive custom module hand crafted by editor-in-chief John "Gestalt" Bye. The module is currently restricted to the frontier town of Northbridge, which includes a keep, a temple, a store, and .. er .. some sewers. If you hunt around you'll find a quest to carry out and some rather unusual characters to talk to, or you could just decamp to the local tavern, the Traveller's Tail, for a cheap beer and a natter with your friends. If you want to find out more about the module before you take the plunge, why not read the first issue of our Northbridge Tourist Guide? To join the adventure, simply start up Neverwinter Nights, select multiplayer from the main menu, then "join internet game", and finally ignore the chat room and click on the "direct connect" button. The server address is, no password is required, and the module will quickly auto-download from the server as you enter each new area in the game. This is just the beginning for Northbridge. At the moment the city is having something of a refugee crisis, and as a result its gates are locked shut and many of its inhabitants are staying at home. However, over the coming weeks we'll be adding new areas to explore, more NPCs and merchants to interact with, and of course more quests to bring you fame and fortune. And the best part is that you could be a part of this, as Northbridge will be a collaborative effort. We're now accepting submissions to be added to the module from developers and readers alike. These can be anything from a new unique item or NPC, to the interior of one of Northbridge's many houses or a whole new wilderness area or dungeon complex, complete with its own quests and monster encounters. Whatever you feel comfortable with. If you have an idea for an addition you'd like to make to the module, simply e-mail john@eurogamer.net with an outline of what you want to do. Please note that not every submission will be accepted, and we may edit contributions to ensure that they are bug free, well written and consistent with the rest of the game. Some background information about the module's setting and the region's history can be found in the Tourist Guide and by chatting to the NPCs within the game. If you need to check anything else, just ask. Help with scripting and the toolset can be found on the game's official forums, and several basic scripts already used in the module (including a working sundial, plot item respawners and a simple script to automatically close and relock opened doors) are available from us on request. Whether you want to help create Northbridge's surroundings with the toolset or simply to explore them within the game, we hope you enjoy playing with it as much as we've enjoyed building it. Related Feature - Northbridge Tourist Guide - Issue One

Northbridge Town Centre