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Sega tweaks Skies for Cube

Updated - Cube version spiced up at expense of now-cancelled PS2 version

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Famitsu is reporting (by way of Gameforms) that the GameCube port of Skies of Arcadia will feature new cinematics and a new female character to play with. The lass fights with a sickle, apparently, although little else is known about her at this stage. Famitsu also stated that the game is very much like the Dreamcast original with a handful of slight improvements akin to Square's PSone Final Fantasy touch-ups. The Japanese can expect Skies sometime this year, and the Americans sometime shortly afterward. Us Europeans on the other hand… well, it's a bit of a lottery. Update - In a bit of related news, one of the reasons that the Cube version is being given a touch up is that Arcadia on the PS2 is no longer under development. Apparently, Sega canned the project to spend more time with their Cube conversion. Curious, given the size of the PS2's installed base compared to the GameCube's... Related Feature - Skies of Arcadia review (DC)

Source - Gameforms

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