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PDA Of Defiance

World's first handheld massively multiplayer game?

British developers Nicely Crafted Entertainment have announced that a PDA version of their addictive online strategy game Time Of Defiance is on the way. Due for release in November, the handheld port will run on Pocket PC 2002 based systems and (obviously) requires an internet connection. All of the features of the desktop original will be included, giving players a chance to keep their empire running while they're on the move. "Modern mobile devices such as Pocket PC 2002 based systems are perfect platforms for our technology and product", according to MD Toby Simpson. "As well as checking your e-mail, playing solitaire and knocking up the odd Word document or two, you'll now be able to play Time of Defiance from just about anywhere." There's no escape. Related Feature - Time Of Defiance preview

Source - press release