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Renegade sequel canned

Red Alert themed shooter shut down

Westwood's recent release of a batch of Red Alert models for Command & Conquer: Renegade has been confirmed as the death knell of a planned sequel. Although Renegade looked highly promising when it was first unveiled way back in 1999, by the time it finally hit shelves earlier this year it looked distinctly dated and suffered from lousy AI and network code. Since then the multiplayer has been patched into something more playable, but EA apparently decided that developing a sequel for the game was a waste of resources and cancelled the project. Originally the intention had been to make a spin-off set in the Red Alert universe and to have a greater focus on multiplayer, which was always Renegade's big attraction, but now die-hard fans will have to make do with an inevitable flood of amateur Red Alert mods and maps using the newly released models. And hopefully the programmer responsible for Renegade's AI is now locked in a basement at 3DO making Army Men games. Related Feature - Renegade review

EA pull the plug on Renegade sequel - "You have disappointed me for the last time."

Source - Westwood messageboards (spotted on Evil Avatar